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Close Protection

Close protection is a very important aspect of the security industry. Escorting and protecting VIPs requires in-depth knowledge and rigorous dedication, We ensure that our officers have all the training they need to protect your safety as effective training and experience are essential to quality of service.

In contemporary times, Close Protection Officers need to be capable of operating in a multitude of diverse environments from remote hostile environments through to corporate and executive settings, each of which will present unique challenges, effective training and experience are essential to.

The right people are selected for the right job as our expert team is highly-skilled and able to provide high-quality bodyguard protection. They bring experience from every area of Close Protection and Risk Management including UK Royalty Protection, Military Special Forces, Commercial Close Protection and Risk Management.

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Deterring security breaches with systems, services and technology
Securing Premises
Guard Services AA Security personnel are highly experienced in all aspects of security. Our uniformed officers in liveried patrol vehicles will visit and inspect premises at regular random intervals.
Control Room Our 24 hour control centre is the nucleus of our operations ensuring rapid response to queries and immediate reactions to incidents.
Keyholding Service We have a network of keyholding personnel who are vetted, trained and available to respond rapidly to alarm activations. We will hold keys and access codes to your premises.
Dog Service Our Professional Patrol Dog Unit has been established for over four years. During this time we have achieved NASDU Associate Company Status.