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Company Profile

Established in 1994, AA Security Ltd has fast become a market-leading security company with a proven track record in providing the highest standards of customer care to both the private and public sectors.  AA Security understands the importance and value that you place on your security needs  and comfortably meets those expectations time after time.

Our company culture is founded on a commitment to continually improve and monitor the professionalism of each and every one of our employees and the processes and the security technogies we use. We know that by investing in these key areas we can maintain our position as leading provider in our industry - which in turn enables us to enchance the security industry in general through the sharing of best practices.

By working closely with you at every stage of project we can offer the right security package for your individual needs. Your satisfaction and security is the uppermost in our minds, and in the minds of our employees. With a strong management team, and experienced and motivated workforce - combined with the utilisation of the very latest security technology - AA Security are an obvious choice for all of your security requirements.

Your ideal partner in maintaining your security

Management Structure

Operationally, A.A. Security works to a flat hierarchical structure, according to specific areas of remit and responsibility led by The Board of Directors, and Managing Director Wilson Chowdhry, with office staff that includes an Operations Manager, Personnel Manager, Marketing Manager, Finance and Quality Manger and a Business Development and contracts Manager. Our flat hierarchy ensures employee empowerment and encourages peer support and cohesion.

Using the above structure, staff are trained to have a working understanding of one another's roles, enabling them to work in tandem, and provide support for one another. This multitasking approach benefits office staff at times of absence of a significant member from the organisation. All office staff have been trained in security provision to NVQ level 2 standard. This enables them to have a practical understanding of working Security environments and the demands on those providing it. This has created an empathy between office staff and operatives when tackling security operative demands. Annual and quarterly management and review meetings are held, with staff across all areas, this includes five randomly chosen Security operatives during QRMs. Meeting minutes and a newsletter are distributed throughout the company. Every employee also has training specific to their roles. This approach, and the value placed on individuals have made for a staff turnover averaging just under 10% in the past four years, in contrast to the industry average of 40 %. (SIA Website).

Guard Services AA Security personnel are highly experienced in all aspects of security. Our uniformed officers in liveried patrol vehicles will visit and inspect premises at regular random intervals.
Control Room Our 24 hour control centre is the nucleus of our operations ensuring rapid response to queries and immediate reactions to incidents.
Keyholding Service We have a network of keyholding personnel who are vetted, trained and available to respond rapidly to alarm activations. We will hold keys and access codes to your premises.
Dog Service Our Professional Patrol Dog Unit has been established for over four years. During this time we have achieved NASDU Associate Company Status.