Despite what you might think, this is not a photoshopped image of our security officer before an apocalypse. The image was taken Sunday 24th January 2021, during one of the coldest days of this year. If you look carefully, you can still see the frost on the site, vehicles and equipment, only an hour or so before heavy snowfall covered everything.

The blazing sky is an image of the beautiful sunrise that occurred at 06:30, just as a supervisor was patrolling the site. He could not help himself and took this extremely powerful image.

Irrespective of this, we can assure you that due to the training and very specific individual learner plans we put in place accompanied by strong and coordinated management - there are few issues that can cause any significant disruptions to our service provision.

We have a large number of positive references from uber-pleased customers and can share them with you at your request. For now we share some more images of the wonderful sky you may have missed on Sunday, below of which, is some further details about our services.


We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £13.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £25 per hour
Key holding Monthly charge: £75.00 per calendar month Call out charge: £40 per half hour visit Evenings £50 per half hour visit Daytime £50 per half hour visit in response to panic alarm Hourly Charge: £20 per hour for anytime over the initial ½ visit during evenings £20 per hour for anytime over the initial ½ visit during anytime
Dog-handling £22 per hour
Locksmithing Rates vary according to complexity of work
Mobile patrol £25 per 1 hour Patrol
CB Radio hire £20 per week