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Vetting Procedures

In line with the British Standards of screening and vetting (BS7858) 2006 and BS7499:2007 for which we are UKAS approved and we undergo the following checks:

  • We check the individual's credit history by undertaking a financial credit check.
  • Identity documents bare seen in original format and must include a photo driving licence (if British) or passport. These documents are checked under a UV light to ensure their authenticity.
  • We check their current address with a recent (no older than three months) utility bill, bank statement or similar.
  • We undergo a history check which, as a minimum, covers their previous 10 year history.
  • We check the individual's immigration status and right to work if they are not UK residents.
  • All officers are required to undergo and complete a minimum training programme and must obtain the requisite Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence.
All our staff under go a comprehensive screening process


We have secured our first ever direct contract with the Learning and Skill Council for the provision of the 362-hour 'Security Practitioner Course', a full NVQ level 2 qualification.

Training is a minimum of 4 days.

We intend to roll out this programme on the entirety of our internal workforce, whilst also providing a training service to external security contractors pan-UK.

All security officers are required to pass an in depth Work Development Programme
Award Guard Services
Guard Services AA Security personnel are highly experienced in all aspects of security. Our uniformed officers in liveried patrol vehicles will visit and inspect premises at regular random intervals.
Control Room Our 24 hour control centre is the nucleus of our operations ensuring rapid response to queries and immediate reactions to incidents.
Keyholding Service We have a network of keyholding personnel who are vetted, trained and available to respond rapidly to alarm activations. We will hold keys and access codes to your premises.
Dog Service Our Professional Patrol Dog Unit has been established for over four years. During this time we have achieved NASDU Associate Company Status.